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Gaited Morgan gelding

Gaited Morgans

Gaited Morgans perform walk, canter, some may trot and one or more ambling gaits. Therefore, they perform both lateral and diagonal gaits. Current Gaited and non-gaited Morgans trace 19th century mixture Morgans, Saddlebreds, Thoroughbred and Standardbreds. The Morgan breed is not an overall gaited breed. UC Davis random sampling test showed 20% Morgans carried gait gene. Gait is inherited from generation to generation.

Jellico Gaited Morgans

Jellico Gaited Morgans are shown gaiting. Gaited Morgan Videos Breeding stock includes well known Utah Gaited Morgan horses and new upcoming sources of gait. Gaited Morgan Stallions and Gaited Morgan Mares pages. Listing available sale horses. Gaited Morgans For Sale


We use “Historical Breeding Technique–Gait Is Made In The Breeding Shed along with SynchroGait Gene A DNA test. This achieves our goal produce horses demonstrating walk, canter, saddle rack or running walk or rack or combination. Our Gaited Morgans are all AA homozygous gait tested. AMHA provides optional SynchroGait Gene A DNA Test. Another consideration is Brenda Imus description ANGLES PREDICT GAIT Additionally use Lee Ziegler Articles identification gaits, training considerations and tack.”

Gait info and organizations

Gaited Morgan Horses Education site including gait articles, videos IDing gait and health issues.
Morgan Horse Stock Association pushes the versatility of the Morgan Horse in the showring and everyday uses.
US Equistrian has many services to offer as shown on their website. They also have Judging Rules for Gaited Morgans classes available/used Morgan shows.
Gaits Overview Provides animations gaits from walk through the full out rack.