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Gaited Morgan Horses

Gaited Morgans perform walk, canter, some may trot and amble. Therefore, Gaited Morgan Horses are capable of both lateral and diagonal gaits.

Justin Morgan bred Figure the foundation stallion of the Morgan breed. Figure was later renamed for his breeder Justin Morgan. Figure had pacing blood through his dam and must have reproduced gait when bred to “Narragansett Pacers” of the time and area.

Jellico Farms Morgans

Various Ages/Training/Colors

Gaited Morgans For sale offered by Jellico Farms normally include foals thru fully trained trail horses.  Our Gaited Morgan Horses come in rainbow colors and provide the Glide of your life!

They are DNA SynchroGait tested AA–Homozygous for the Gait Gene A. This means both parents were carriers of the Gait Gene A and contributed a Gait Gene A.