Gaited Morgan Horses

Morgans who gait perform the walk, canter and some may trot. In addition, do one or more four beat gaits: Step Pace; Saddle Rack; Running Walk; Rack and Foxtrot. Therefore, Gaited Morgan Horses are capable of both lateral and diagonal gaits.

Justin Morgan bred Figure the foundation stallion of the Morgan breed. Figure was later renamed for his breeder Justin Morgan. Figure had pacing blood through his dam and must have reproduced gait when bred to “Narragansett Pacers” of the time and area.

Current Gaited Morgans and non gaited Morgans trace back to 19th Century as a mixture of Morgan, Saddlebred and Standardbred stock. Todays Gaited Morgans are the result of 20th Century breeders producing some unintended Gaited Morgans. The SynchroGait Gene A study/DNA test proved gait is inherited from previous generations.

Gaited Morgans For Sale

Gaited Morgans For Sale various ages, training, and in a rainbow of colors. Strong gaited from birth, perform even four beat gaits, SynchoGait DNA Tested Gene AA. Encompassing foals through fully trained trail horses with extensive obstacle, trail work. Bonus, Jellico Gaited Morgan Horses smooth as glass-glide your life! They include rare color genes perlino, cremello, and splash.

Jellico Gaited Morgans Breeding Goals

What is SynchroGait Gene A DNA test? How can you use to learn about your horse’s natural ability for different gaits? The test enables planned breedings to maximize getting offspring with the preferred gaits whether gaited or non gaited. This is explained in greater detail in the following article. SynchroGait Also you might find some of the related research interesting. SynchroGait Reseach

Jellico Farms is breeding SynchroGait Gene A DNA tested AA Gaited Morgan sires and dams. All offspring will be Homozygous AA for gait. Therefore are naturally gaited. Above all, goal produce Gaited Morgan Horses which do the saddle rack or running walk or rack or combinations. We are using not only the SynchroGait test, but also following a technique used by some in the previous century. This breeding technique increased chance achieving one or more of the three even four beat gaits. This is explained in greater detail in the following article. Gait Is Made In the Breeding Shed