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Gaited Morgans

Gaited Morgans do the walk, canter and may trot. In addition, do one or more of the following: Stepping Pace; Saddle Rack; Running Walk; Rack and Foxtrot. Therefore capable of performing both lateral and diagonal gaits. How does one ID these extra gaits? Gaits Overview is a source with follow on explanations of each gait. Finally a quiz checking your understanding and ability identify the various gaits via still images.

For Sale

Gaited Morgan Horses For Sale of various ages, training, and in a rainbow of colors. Strong gaited from birth, perform even four beat gaits, DNA Tested AA. Smooth as glass—glide for your life! Encompassing foals through fully trained trail horses with extensive obstacle, trail work. Bonus, Jellico Gaited Morgan Horses for sale include rare colors perlino, cremello and splash!

Breeding Goals

Jellico Farms is breeding SynchroGait Gene A DNA tested AA sires and dams. All offspring will be Homozygous AA for gait. Therefore are naturally gaited. Above all, Goal produce horses which do the saddle rack or running walk or rack or combinations. We are using the following breeding guidelines to seek these three gaits. Gait is Made in the Breeding Shed


The following is summary SynchroGait Gene A.


The SynchroGait Gene A DNA test will ID the horse’s gait gene as one of the following three:
A/A–Ambling and lateral gaits.
A/C–Lateral gaits.
C/C–Walk, trot and canter.


AA x AA = 100% AA
CA x AA = 50% AA and 50% CA
CA x CA = 25% AA, 50% CA and 25% CC
CA x CC = 50% CA and 50% CC
AA x CC = 100% AC
CC x CC = 100% CC