Gaited Morgans (Gaited Morgan Horses)

Gaited Morgans perform walk, canter, may trot and ambling gaits. Therefore, Gaited Morgan Horses are capable of both lateral and diagonal gaits.

Todays Gaited Morgan Horses are the result of 20th Century breeders producing some unintended Gaited Morgans. The SynchroGait Gene A study/DNA test proved gait is inherited from previous generations.

The Morgan is not overall a gaited breed, but during the SynchroGait Gene A testing a random sample of UC Davis DNA registered Morgans showed 17% carried the Gait Gene A. There is conjecture as to the source of this gait and which families or lines might be the source. Each new SynchroGait Gene A DNA test by Morgan owners/breeders seems to indicate “Gait” can be found across the Morgan breeding lines.

For Sale

Various Ages/Training/Colors, Smooth!

Jellico Morgans normally has weanlings to fully trained trail horses for Sale.  Our Gaited Morgans come in the normal colors of Chestnut, Bays, Palominos, blacks, but also include some of the more rare colors of Cremello, Perlino, Smokey Black and Splash gene. These Morgans will provide the Glide of your life!

Obstacle/Trail Work

Jellico Farms Morgans are trained extensively over the obstacles of logs, barrels,, bridges, plateaus and several dangling items.  The Gaited Morgans For Sale who have been fully trained will also be prepared on the trail to interact with animals such as dogs, cows, other horses and deer.  These Morgans will also have experienced motor vehicles, bikers, been through deep water of a river.  Intentionally encountered brush in their face, items dragged behind and items hitting their legs in the under growth.

Our Gaited Morgan Stallions before being used for breeding are trained to include the obstacle and trail work. The following videos are Jellico Moonshine and Eastwest Yonder during their training.


Combines Historical Concept/Gait Gene

Jellico Farms is exclusively breeding DNA Synchro Gait Gene tested sires and dams. Jellico Farms’ goal produce horses which do the saddle rack, running walk and rack.

We are using not only the SynchroGait test, but combine historical technique used by some in the previous century in our breeding program. This technique increased chance achieving one or more of the three even four beat gaits. This is explained in greater detail in the following article. Gait Is Made In the Breeding Shed