Gaited Morgan Videos

No better way understand the Gaiting Morgans gaiting ability than review videos.

Mary Mels Maestro was our first Gaited Morgan Stallion. We purchased him as a 5 year old stallion who had been used on a Wyoming ranch to rope bulls on the open range. His previous owner, Karl Biehler, called him Buddy. Karl in his 70’s at the time saddle trained his Buddy. Maestro’s video is 15 years ago and Buddy showed the typical stepping pace of the older Utah bred horses.

Silvershoe Sundance was a premiere Gaited Morgan Stallion. He performed the saddle gait/rack as his preferred gait at great speed. He was registered with the United Mountain Horse and Kentucky Naturally Gaited Horse registries and competed against the Mountain Horses in 2008. His initial saddle training as a five year old stud 45 days before the first show. He placed from 2nd to 5th in 8 shows against classes which averaged 17 horses including Nationals placing fifth. His real wealth was in his personality and ease of handling./p>

Silvershoe Highlander was very impressive at the AMHA Convention displaying the ability and temperament of a Gaited Morgan Stallion.

G Mystic Tatiana High Percentage Foundation 99.8% and one of the few buckskin Gaited Morgans who is homozygous for black and gait gene tested AA Homozygous.  Filmed at 2 1/2 months.  Owned by Jellico Farms Gaited Morgans. One of the highly anticipated broodmare in our breeding program.