Gaited Morgan Mares

Gaited Morgan Mares are pride and joy of our breeding program. All are Synchrogait Gene A tested AA–homozygous gait, introuducing non Utah Gaited Morgan mares for hybrid vigor. ALL MARES ON THIS PAGE ARE FOR SALE.

G Mystic Tatiana

2014 Gaited Morgan Buckskin Mare | AMHA 0188287 | Bred by Robin & James Gregor. Homozygous black EE, Aa, nCR and SynchroGait tested AA homozygous, this wonderful buckskin mare is a rare find in the Morgan breed for her color and her gait. She is almost 100% non old Utah gaited lines so source of hybrid vigor.

Jellico Rhapsody

2010 Chestnut Gaited Morgan Mare | AMHA 0182971 | Bred by Jellico Farms

Gaited Morgan mare, chestnut, is a beautiful feminine duplicate of her dam, strongly gaited and is about 15 3 hands.

Jellico Summer Morn

2004 Chestnut Gaited Morgan Mare | AMHA 0165850 | Bred by Gary Seibert

This lovely chestnut mare was repurchased to get another WNS Virginian mare back into our herd, and to replace the loss of her very special dam, WNS Touchstone. Tess’s pedigree combines the best of the original old Gaited Morgan blood to produce a horse which gaits are lovely to watch or ride. She is a joy to be around with the noted Morgan temperament and “look at me” attitude. Since the loss of her wonderful sire, this mare is doubly important. She just shouts “Come ride me I am one of those special Gaited Morgans!” This nice mare, like her half sister Jellico Irish Rose, proves Virginian was truly a sire of incredible Gaited Morgans.


2012 Buckskin Gaited Morgan Mare | AMHA 0186130 | Bred by Heller’s

SynchroGait DNA tested AA homozygous for gait, this lovely buckskin mare was purchased to further our effort to bring outside blood into the gene poole. Paloma was saddle trained by breeder as a four year old.

Jellico Twilight Morn

2012 Palomino Gaited Morgan Mare | AMHA 0186020 | Bred by Gary Seibert

This is the third sibling from this combination. She is strongly gaited and a beauty to behold in gait. SynchroGait DNA test for genetic variant (A) showed her to be A/A homozygous for the ambling and lateral gaits.

GRM High Rollin Lady

2009 EE Black | AMHA 0180401 | Breeder Grunden Ranch Morgans

We sought out a Western Working mare which was both Homozygous EE-black and AA–for gait. She is also 99.9% Foundation and no old UT lines so provided hybrid vigor.