The pride and joy of our breeding program.

JELLICO TWILIGHT MORN (Silvershoe Sundance x Mary Mels Music) PEDIGREE

2012 Palomino Mare

This is the third sibling from this combination.  She is strongly gaited and a beauty to behold in gait.  SynchroGait DNA test for genetic Gait Variant (A) showed her to be A/A homozygous for the ambling and lateral gaits.


MARY MELS PEACHES (Jan Mabie Pace x Mary Mels Gloworm) PEDIGREE
2004 Palomino Mare 

SynchroGait DNA test for genetic Gait Variant (A) was completed. She was found to be A/A homozygous for gait. Peaches is one of the finest examples of Gaited Morgans produced by crossing the gaited Morgan Jan Mabie Pace to the daughters of WNS Windenstone. She stands close to 16 hands.

JELLICO IRISH ROSE aka ABBY (WNS Virginian x Silvershoe Spice) PEDIGREE
2004 Chestnut Mare 

SynchroGait DNA tested AA homozygous for gait. This lovely chestnut mare was retained to replace her dam. Abby’s pedigree combines the best of original old Gaited Morgan blood to produce a horse which looks like the proverbial statement “poetry in motion”. Since the loss of her wonderful sire, this mare is doubly important. She just shouts “I am one of those special Gaited Morgans!” This nice mare proves Virginian was truly a sire of special Gaited Morgans. 

APRIL JOY (DIA H Paladin x Millenimum Gold) PEDIGREE
2007 Perlino Mare 

SynchroGait DNA tested: CA heterozygous for gait. This very rare perlino mare is from two of the oldest Gaited Morgan breeding programs of the last forty years–DIA H and Mary Mel. She will only produce colored foals. Height 14.2 +, epitome of noted Morgan temperament, tractability and conformation. 

JELLICO RHAPSODY (Silvershoe Sundance x Mary Mels Music) PEDIGREE
2010 Chestnut Mare 

A beautiful, feminine duplicate of her dam, exquisite strongly Gaited Morgan standing about 15 3.

G MYSTIC TATIANA (Ragtime Deja Blu x G Mystic Bay Reflection) PEDIGREE
2014 Buckskin – homozygous black EE, Aa, nCR Mare 

G Mystic Tatiana was bred by the Gregor’s –G Mystical Morgans. Tatiana was Synchro Gait Gene tested AA homozygous. You can read about the DNA test results at Her future size, gaiting ability, temperament, color and conformation are all pluses.