Gaited Morgans For Sale

Jellico Farms Gaited Morgans For Sale are SynchroGait Gene A tested and will be AA homozygous for gait since both parent are AA. For Sale horses normally represent a rainbow of colors; foals through fully trained trail horses; hybrid vigor from inclusion of non linebred UT Gaited Morgan stock; and contracts are considered for in utero mares.   Jellico Farms will provide with each sale a paid registration transfer, health certificate and negative coggins test.  During the registration the SynchroGait Gene A and color tests will have been completed and the results found in the AMHA registry for the horse. EVERY HORSE SHOWN ON THIS SITE IS FOR SALE–CALL FOR INFO OR EMAIL. WHEN THE FIVE FOALS ARE WEANED THEY WILL ALSO BE INCLUDED FOR SALE.


Eastwest Yonder (Eastwest Ace x Battersea Orlean)
2008 Chestnut Flaxen Gelding

SynchroGait DNA tested AA homozygous for gait. Yonder is close to 15 1 with his primary gait being the saddle gait/rack as his gait of choice.

2019 Splitting stifle procedure. Vet supervised trainer until last ride May 2020 on video marked last. Not ridden for last two years. Suitable for light pleasure riding. If interested call for more info and price.

Last Ride.

Black Gelding

Bar Non Jellico Banner Foaled May 2021, Currently 15 hands, AA–Homozygous Gait

Mtn Edge Black Chrome x Mary Mels Peaches