Gaited Morgan Stallions

Smooth look, smooth ride, breed type

Our versatile, tractable Gaited Morgan Stallions represent some of the finest Gaited Morgan breeding programs – WNS – Mary Mel – Silvershoe.  Westwind Joaquin and Eastwest Yonder are Gaited Morgan outcroppings and will inject hybrid vigor.

SILVERSHOE HIGHLANDER (Mary Mels Kingfish x Mary Mels Blu Lady) PEDIGREE

2001 Chestnut Stallion – 15 hands

Now proven as a sire of typey and Naturally Gaited Morgans, Highlander is a grandson of Omar Sheriff and Jan Mabie Pace who were noted Gaited Morgan stallions used by the Mary Mel breeding program.  He is strongly gaited himself and has produced only strongly gaited foals.

EASTWEST YONDER (Eastwest Ace x Battersea Orlean) PEDIGREE

2008 Flaxen Chestnut Stallion 

SynchroGait Gene DNA: AA homozygous; 15 hands; concentration Battersea and Caduceus breeding programs. His gaits of foxtrot, running walk and saddle rack plus size fits as cross for concentrated Utah Gaited Morgans. A gentle stallion who acts like a gelding around the barn and easy to handle under saddle.

JELLICO MOON SHINE aka SHINER (Silvershoe Sundance x Mary Mels Music) PEDIGREE
2013 Palomino Stallion 

SynchroGait Gene tested AA homozygous for gait. Shiner was bred based on the concept of breeding the grandson of WNS Windenstone to a Windenstone daughter. Windenstone is behind the two finest breeding programs of the last 50 plus years. He currently stands 15 2 and may mature close to 16 hands.

JELLICO WHISKEY LULLABY (Silvershoe Highlander x WNS Touchstone) PEDIGREE

2006 Chestnut Stallion 

Sired by our Senior Stallion Silvershoe Highlander and out of WNS Touchstone. Mary Mels Music and WNS Touchstone are full sisters in blood. His initial saddle work proved he is one of those special Gaited Morgans and will develop into a true pleasure for the trails. 

Whiskey is a black liver chestnut 15 hands.

WESTWIND JOAQUIN (KS Bluestem Jada Joe x Westwind Carmelita) PEDIGREE

2011 Black Stallion 

Gaited Morgan Horse Westwind Joaquin is a Gaited Morgan Stallion with the “Old Time Morgan” look–100% Foundation standing 15.1 hands. Color tested Ee aa color — black heterozygous, SynchroGait DNA test A/A homozygous for the ambling and lateral gaits. He is from the old Sweet’s lines along with mix Warner lines. His gaits and size fit as a cross for the concentrated Utah Gaited Morgans.

JELLICO CREME DE LA CREME AKA CODY (Silvershoe Sundance x Mary Mels Peaches) PEDIGREE
2013 Cremello Stallion 

SynchroGait DNA tested AA homozygous for gait. This colt is the result of crossing a grandson of Jan Mabie Pace to a daughter of Jan Mabie Pace. Cody is going to be a rather large stallion with the running walk and saddle rack as his gaits of choice. He is one of the rare Gaited Cremello stallion, ee, Aa, CrCr. ee Homozygous Red – Carries 2 copies of the Red Gene Aa Heterozygous – Carries 1 copy of Agouti Gene CrCr Homozygous – Double Dilute Cream Gene He will always produce 100% color no matter the color of the mare.

Jellico El Dorado (Westwind Joaquin x April Joy) PEDIGREE

2016 Palomino Stallion 

Unique opportunity to purchase a rare youngster among the Gaited Morgans For Sale.  Jellico El Dorado includes DIA and Mary Mel through the mare, but a complete outcross of the sire includes both Sweets and Warner old Western Working lines.

SynchroGait Gene A test AA homozygous for gait. This colt should mature 15 hands or larger. Very unique markings and has the look at me appeal.