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Mary Mels Peaches

Gaited Morgans aka Jellico Farms rare naturally Gaited Morgans - Smooth as glass - for the glide of your life! And as a bonus, Jellico's Gaited Morgans come in a rainbow of colors! Including the rare colors in the rare Naturally Gaited Morgans: Perlino; Cremello; and Splash White Gene. Plus the common colors of chestnut, black, palomino, bay and grey. All our breeding stock is either "High Percentage" or 100% "Foundation" Gaited Morgans.


Gaited Morgans aka Naturally Gaited Morgans - Welcome to the home of rare naturally gaited Morgans

Jellico Farms has been breeding Morgan horses for 30 years. Our goal is to produce even four beat Gaited Morgan horses performing the saddle rack, rack and running walk.


As an aid acheiving our goal our horses will be gene tested using the SynchoGait Gene Test offered by UC Davis. Using these DNA gene results we will be able to project gait of offspring as shown in the below table. The DNA test will ID the horse's gait genes as one of the following three. Homozygous A/A --- the horse will perform ambling and lateral gaits. Heterozygous A/C --- the horse will perform lateral gaits. Homozygous C/C -- the horse will perform the walk, trot and canter. This is explained in greater detail in the article.


AA x AA = 100% of the offspring will be AA

CA x AA = 50% will be AA and 50% will be CA

CA x CA = 25% will be AA, 50% will be CA, 25% will be CC

CA x CC = 50% will be CC and 50% will be CA

AA x CC = 100% will be CA

CC x CC = 100% will be CC






Our breeding Jellico Creme De La Creme

Located just minutes from historic Churchill Downs and the Kentucky Horse Park in the land of the Bluegrass.

We welcome your visit to Jellico Farms - Home of Natural Gaited Morgans!


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