2004 Chestnut Mare | AMHA 0165849 | Bred by Gary Seibert

Kens Car-A-Mel
Rockwells Valley TanDeborah
WNS VirginianOmar Sheriff
Mary Mels ShamrockIrish Mist
Patchett Hill
Caduceus MosesMerry Miranda
Silvershoe SpiceOmar Sheriff
Mary Mels SallyMary Mels Glo-Girl

SynchroGait DNA tested AA homozygous for gait, this lovely chestnut mare was retained to replace her dam. Abby’s pedigree combines the best of the original old Gaited Morgan blood to produce a horse which looks like the proverbial statement “poetry in motion”. Since the loss of her wonderful sire, this mare is doubly important. She just shouts “I am one of those special Gaited Morgans!” This nice mare proves Virginian was truly a sire of unique Gaited Morgans.