The footfall sequence, timing, support and the sifting of the horse’s body usually define the gaits.

Sometimes the first confusion to over come is the many and varied terms for the same gait in the US and other countries.  Do not get discouraged if you can not see these movements in your Gaited Morgan, hear or feel the difference in the gaits immediately.  Be patient and keep looking and riding the horse and ask for assistance in identifying the various gaits.  Also understand there can be variations in the gait from the perfect described gait.  If you look at animation and the videos of the various Gaited Morgans and the other gaited breed examples, you will be able to visualize the various movements of the horse and rider.


Prior to 2012 there was no DNA test to check for a gait gene.  Jellico Farms submitted DNA samples to Texas A&M as part of the Capilets company study to identify the gait gene.  The Synchro Gait Gene A test from Capilets became available to the public in 2014.

AMHA agreed to hear a proposal in Nov 2014 by Gary to include the SynchroGait Gene A test and register the results in the horse’s record. The AMHA BOD gave final approval Feb 2015.  The DNA test would ID a Morgan as AA–Homozygous for gait or CA—Heterzygous for gait or CC–walk/trot/canter.   

Capilets from Sweden produced the DNA test which is available through UC Davis.  The DNA test will ID the horse’s gait genes as one of the following three.  Homozygous A/A—horse will perform ambling and lateral gaits.  Heterozygous A/C–the horse will perform lateral gaits.  Homozygous C/C–the horse will perform the walk, tort and canter.


AA x AA = 100% of the offspring will be AA

CA x AA = 50% will be AA ad 50% will be CA

CA x CA = 25% will be AA, 50% will be CA and 25% will be CC

CA x CC = 50% will be CC, 50% will be CA

AA x CC = 100% CA

CC x CC = 100% CC



Jellico Farms is exclusively breeding DNA Sychro Gait Gene tested AA–Homozygous sires and dams.  The sires and dams are selected as outlined by the concepts in GAIT IS MADE IN BREEDING SHED Jellico Farms’ goal produce horses which do the saddle rack, running walk and rack.

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