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      From university findings, Lee Ziegler, Gait clinician articles and videos will cover the areas of Gait, Tack, Gaited Horsemanship and Training. There are more Blog items than can be listed on this cover page of most recent articles/videos. You can see the additional items by category by highlighting one of the categories in the right side bar. You’ll find all these here!

      Understanding Horse Behavior

      Understanding Horse Behavior 4-H Member Grade Unit 8 Grade 12 from the Agricultural Extension Service. The booklet in a few pages covers many topics in order for the person to understand the following: 1. Understand Horse Behavior. 2. Use this...

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      The 4-H Horse Project

      This should be one of the references for the horse owner's library. It covers how to select, care, train/handle, ride and recreational activity. Basic knowledge, but a foundation for the welfare of the horse and safe riding. 4-H Horse Project Oregon State...

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      The Biomechanics of Engagement (Part 2)

      Do you ever wonder what causes physical issues to your horse? Do you understand your riding abilities and the interaction of horse and rider are the causes of many issues? Lengthy video, but important to be a good owner/trainer.

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      Solving Problems

      Larry Whitesell discusses "Problem Solving." There are no great pictures or a quick solution, but listing of considerations for the most common problems people normally have with horses. Or should I say the problems horses have with us humans? Problem...

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      Ending Resistance Improving Aids

      Larry Whitesell describes many situations which we commonly use to control the horse. He covers the consequences of each method and how to correct the same situation. Bottom line if you want to be the leader/partner with your horse, you need to be...

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      Bits Do Not Control Horses

      They have never learned that the bit is for communication, NOT CONTROL! When we try to rely on the bit for control instead of communication, our approach to training and problem solving becomes a matter of trying to contain a wreck.” Steve Jonkheere...

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      Poll Damage

      Could you be injuring your horse by the way you ride? One area of concern is addressed in this article---It speaks to dressage and jumping, but this should apply to any horse held behind the vertical no matter the discipline. Damage to the Poll

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