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      From university findings, Lee Ziegler, Gait clinician articles and videos will cover the areas of Gait, Tack, Gaited Horsemanship and Training. There are more Blog items than can be listed on this cover page of most recent articles/videos. You can see the additional items by category by highlighting one of the categories in the right side bar. You’ll find all these here!

      3 Knots For the Horse Owner

      The restrictions on travel from the virus has some interesting events to watch on TV. Last evening I was scrolling through the channels and found an episode of "Mountain Men." It showed a horse tied to a round pen panel who then bolted and the owner could...

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      Part I – Standardbred and Soundness

      Why discuss the Standardbred with Morgan followers? When you read through the history of the Standardbred, you might be surprised at inclusion of some names like Tom Hall, Copperbottom, Figure and other horses. Most people looking at the history of the...

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      The 4-H Horse Project

      This should be one of the references for the horse owner's library. It covers how to select, care, train/handle, ride and recreational activity. Basic knowledge, but a foundation for the welfare of the horse and safe riding. 4-H Horse Project Oregon State...

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