From university findings, Lee Ziegler, Gait clinician articles and videos will cover the areas of Gait, Tack, Gaited Horsemanship and Training. You’ll find all these here!

Bits Do Not Control Horses

They have never learned that the bit is for communication, NOT CONTROL! When we try to rely on the bit for control instead of communication, our approach to training and problem solving becomes a matter of trying to contain a wreck.” Steve Jonkheere...

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Poll Damage

Could you be injuring your horse by the way you ride? One area of concern is addressed in this article---It speaks to dressage and jumping, but this should apply to any horse held behind the vertical no matter the discipline. Damage to the Poll

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Bits For Gaited Horses

Lee Ziegler covers the various type of bits, but also goes into the pitfalls. Many riders select the wrong bit based on many factors for the horse's training level.

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Convert The Trot

What can you do to improve the gait of a gaited horse or how can you teach a pure trotter to gait?  Both questions are answered in the following article by Lee Ziegler. Convert the Trot

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Cueing For Gait

Question posed by Lee Ziegler leading into this article:  "You’ve got a gaited horse; so how do you get him in gear?"  Cueing For Gait

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