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Gary and Sunny

The story behind Jellico Farms

Missouri Gaited Morgans...Journey of Pride. We once visited one of the farms previously owned by Gary's Grandfather, William Seibert. This 160 acre farm was outside of Poplar Bluff, Missouri. The small one story log home had two bedrooms, a kitchen/dining area and living room. There were the remains of an old log barn. Grandfather Seibert had owned this farm prior to the turn of the 20th century. He moved the family to New Harmony, Indiana in 1909 and died three years later. The family Aunts were instrumental in telling the family story of their lives in Missouri and the migration to Indiana. In addition, they told of many happenings on the two farms.


Gary, Glory Bee and Little Glory

Over the years, many photos have been lost showing Gary's Dad holding him on horseback and on the International Harvester "H" tractor built the same year Gary was born. But luckily we still have a photo of Gary's pony and the family picture of these white/grey mares.

BarnWilliam Seibert's New Harmony farm later became a part of the Harmony State Park. This farm was just over 100 acres with a two story log home, a very large log barn with corn cribs and graineries. These were torn down for the Park development, but there is still the walking and horse trail marked as "Seibert Hill" as you go pass the old home site. Our current barn is a far cry from the barns of William Seibert. Hopefully Jellico's current barn will have many fond memories for our family, friends, and visitors as those of  Grandfather Seibert.


Another fond memory and lifelong love passed down was an attachment to farm dogs. We have these "Farm Dogs" in our English Shepherds.


Barn Indoor ArenaThere is a legacy of Gaited Missouri Morgans in the Seibert family spanning over three generations. The Missouri Gaited Morgans connection and offspring are forming part of the foundation lines for today's Jellico Farms Gaited Morgans. Our first Missouri Morgans were Chandel Laurel and Isabo.


Come visit us in the center of "The Horse Capital of the World" and see the beautiful bluegrass.