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Gaited Morgans For Sale - Find your perfect gaited Morgan horse here.

Gaited Morgans for Sale. Jellico Gaited Morgans offers naturally gaited Morgans like Jellico Ramrod. If you find a horse on this site not listed for sale, please inquire for possible purchase. If we do not have the right horse, contact us and we will help you locate Gaited Morgans through our network of Gaited Morgan breeders.



Smooth Under Saddle

2004 Palomino Mare

SynchroGait DNA test for genetic Gait Variant (A) was completed. She was found to be A/A which means homozygous for the ambling and lateral gaits. Peaches is one of the finest examples of Gaited Morgans produced by crossing the gaited Morgan Jan Mabie Pace to the daughters of WNS Windenstone. Jellico Farms Gaited Morgans purchased Peaches to cross with the grandsons of Jan Mabie Pace: Silvershoe Highlander and Silvershoe Sundance. The crossing of grandsons to daughters of a noted stallion is a successful breeding technique called line breeding. This mare is for sale for the discriminating buyer. She has not been ridden for the last five years, but has only been a broodmare. Please call 502-647-1572. Do not email.

Jan Mabie Pace Teton Dan Patch Domino Joe
Tetonia Silver
Gizea Gold HyLee's Heir
Mary Mels Gloworm WNS Windenstone Omar Sheriff
Woodrush Hilite
Mary Mels Glo-Girl Stellar
Irish Mist

2 HOURS OLD 23 May 15

2015 Buckskin Mare

The sire is homozygous for gait and the dam is heterzygous. So the foal will be gaited, with 50% chance of being homozygous--AA and 50% CA-heterozygous. DNA SynchroGait Gene A test to completed with registraion to verify whether AA or CA. Explained bottom page HERE

Silvershoe Highlander Mary Mels Kingfish Jan Mabie Pace
Mary Mels Music
Mary Mels Blu Lady Omar Sheriff
Mary Mels Blu Velvet
April Joy DIA H Paladin DIA H Paydirt
PK's My Special Girl
Millenium Gold WNS Windenstone
Mary Mels Gold Bug

Keep up Mom - 3 days

2013 Cremello Stallion

SynchroGait DNA test for genetic Gait Variant (A) was completed. He was found to be A/A which means homozygous for the ambling and lateral gaits. This line bred colt is the result of crossing a grandson of Jan Mabie Pace to a daughter of Jan Mabie Pace. He was a kind and gentle horse with strong gait who was noted for the pure Morgan temperament of his offspring. Cody is going to be a rather large stallion like his almost 16 hand dam with the running walk and saddle rack as his gaits of choice. He is one of the rare Gaited Cremello stallion, ee, Aa, CrCr. ee Homozygous Red - Carries 2 copies of the Red Gene Aa Heterozygous - Carries 1 copy of Agouti Gene CrCr Homozygous - Double Dilute Cream Gene He will always produce 100% color no matter the color of the mare. Please call 502-647-1572 and make an offer on this rarest of Gaited Morgans. No emails.

Silvershoe Sundance Silvershoe Sundust Jan Mabie Pace
Silvershoe Shady Lady
Mary Mels Swift Suzie WNS Windenstone
Mary Mels Calypso
Mary Mels Peaches Jan Mabie Pace Teton Dan Patch
Gizea Gold
Mary Mels Gloworm WNS Windenstone
Mary Mels Glo-Girl