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Gaited Morgans - Gaits

My wife and I became interested and purchased our first Morgan in 1986. This mare from time to time would go into this smooth gait with no sway or bounce. We quizzed many breeders asking if there were Singlefooting Morgans. The answer was always: "NO - There are no Morgan Singlefooting Horses."


While reading an equine magazine in 1996, it mentioned a small group forming a Morgan Single Footing Horse Club who was promoting Morgan Singlefooting Horses. This was, as the proverbial saying goes, "Just what the Doctor Ordered". My running in combat boots in the military for 20 years had started to show up in leg, hip, and back pains.


The "Gaited Morgans" did naturally what our mare did only under the perfect conditions. The origin of the gait in the Morgan breed is a great mystery. There are many theories from those that Figure was bred to gaited mares originally to the gaining of gait as the result of legal outcrosses. These "extra" gaits have probably always been in the Morgan, but denied for decades or were culled/bred out.


Gaited Morgans are often called "Singlefooting Morgans", but may do a variety of intermediate gaits between the walk and canter. These gaits can include:

  • Stepping Pace - an uneven 1-2 3-4-beat
  • Running Walk - an even 1-2-3-4-beat
  • Foxtrot - the only diagonal gait (opposite front/rear legs move together) and is an uneven 1-2 3-4 beat
  • Finally there is what some call the "singlefoot"/saddle gait - one hoof at a time hits the ground and this is at an even interval 1-2-3-4-beat gait. This gait is smooth and fast. This is the gait Jellico Farms is trying to achieve with our breeding program. The even four-beat gait has been compared to riding in a Cadillac versus an old worn out farm pickup. It is this plus some.

Saddle Rack Stepping Pace Running Walk


Gaited Morgans have a great temperament and seems to want to please the rider.


As an aid acheiving our breeding goals of producing even four beat horses, All breeding stock and offspring will be gene tested using the SynchoGait Gene Test offered by UC Davis. Using these DNA gene results we will be able to project gait of offspring as shown in the below table. The DNA test will ID the horse's gait genes as one of the following three. Homozygous A/A --- the horse will perform ambling and lateral gaits. Heterozygous A/C --- the horse will perform lateral gaits. Homozygous C/C -- the horse will perform the walk, trot and canter. This is covered in greater detail in the following articles: Frequency-Keeper Mutation ; SynchroGait-Research ; and SynchroGait-Summary. I used the follwing briefing in Nov 2014 to seek approval of the AMHA BOD to authorize and provide the test. It was approved at the Feb 2015 AMHA BOD meeting and can now be found under the AMHA Registry Forms. SynchroGait-AMHA Briefing We will use the SynchroGait Gene A test in conjunction with the concept covered in the following article. Gait is Made in the Breeding Shed Note since the approval by AMHA for the DNA test you will need to contact them for the current price.


AA x AA = 100% of the offspring will be AA

CA x AA = 50% will be AA and 50% will be CA

CA x CA = 25% will be AA, 50% will be CA, 25% will be CC

CA x CC = 50% will be CC, 50% will be CA

AA x CC = 100% CA

CC x CC = 100% CC


Jellico Farms participated in a Gaited Morgans demonstration at the Kentucky Horse Park as part of the AMHA 2006 Annual convention. To read about our preparation and how the demonstration day became a reality, click HERE.

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